Saturday, April 17, 2010

Facing my Fears One Stack at a Time

I've always had a phobia of "making pancakes." I know that sounds weird, especially since I love to bake, make, and create most anything in the kitchen. It's the flipping action that has always freaked me out. I'm pretty sure I hadn't attempted pancakes in at least 10 years. Well anyway, this morning Tyson and Em wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Paul (the usual pancake flipper) had left very early for a motorcycle ride in Fredericksburg. So I thought I would give it a whirl since I was trying to keep the kids from realizing that Daddy wasn't here on a Saturday.

I got the griddle out, some PAM, and my favorite spatula........and it was on!!! Of course the moment of truth wouldn't be until I flipped them. I know how to measure, mix and pour.

Ta Daaaaa!

Mission: Attempt to make pancakes.......SUCCESS!!!

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