Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Twenty Ten

The look on Tyson's face says it all. Paul's exact words, "I fear Tyson may never be too old to want to hunt for Easter eggs." He was that excited. Easter Sunday was so much fun. Tyson was up at 1 am to check to see if the E. B. had made a stop at the Lucas house. "Grandpa, he came, the Easter Bunny came already!" Dad quickly told Tyson it was way too early. (Tyson insisted that Grandpa and him bunk together in his room, lucky Grandpa) Anyway, fortunately our Sunday began a little later and we started off our morning with a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Figured we were going to need some energy for the egg hunt. We grilled out and mostly spent the day playing outside. The kids just wanted to be with Grandma and Grandpa.

No, there's not lint on my's confetti from the cascarones.

After Em's bucket got full, she demanded that Daddy walk behind her carrying it. Aren't they called caddies?

Align CenterThere's that smile again. Buddy had so much fun!!! He's running to get some cascarones from Grandma so he could get Grandpa first.

If you don't live in South Texas, you may not be familiar with cascarones. They are brightly dyed egg shells filled with confetti meant to be broken on people's head usually in a surprise.

Believe it or not, Em asked Tyson to "get her."

She seemed to really enjoy the whole "hunting" for Easter eggs.

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