Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another COLD, RAINY Day

Today was another chilly afternoon. The kids were getting restless. I mean 2 days in a row of not being able to go outside after school makes for a LONG afternoon and evening, not to mention Paul has been out of town so my days have been extra long. Anyway we had built forts, we had drawn, and we had read lots of books. It was time to bring out the big guns. So I got out the essentials to make some cookie dough and gave the kids some rolling pins and heart shaped cookie cutters. And away they baked!

If you can't tell, in this picture Tyson was trying to instruct Emmy on the fine art of cookie cutters. She could have cared less about what he was saying. She was ready to dive right in!

Em couldn't wait to use her new rolling pin.

Check out that technique.....she is MY daughter.

Look how big those hands are!

Hey guys, it's OK to smile......they look so serious!

again with all the focus

sprinkle time

Those cookies hadn't been done two minutes before these two were stuffing them into those cute little mouths.

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