Saturday, February 6, 2010

She's the Queen of HER Castle's official there are no more babies in my house. "Bye bye kib," it was as simple as that for Em. No attachments, no emotions...nothing. I think she couldn't wait to be like Tyson with a big bed. As for me, I teared up as I took all of the crib sheets out of her room.

We decided to go with a daybed for her. It just suited the room best and would still give her plenty of play space. Not to mention, daybeds are just pretty and girlee and I had one as a little girl too. Her room has a huge bay window on one wall, so as not to upset the feng shui of the room, we put the bed on the same wall as the crib.

As for now she seems to LOVE it. We will be holding our breath tonight as we kiss her goodnight in hopes that she will STAY in it.

I swear she looked so BIG in her crib! How can she look so little in her new bed?!?

This is the everyday look her bed will actually have, note the "sports" stool at the foot of the 2nd child, I haven't even got Em her own stool yet.

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