Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Run Run As Fast as You Can......."

Tyson's class had their Christmas play "the Gingerbread Man" on Thursday. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen (well......since last year's pre k play). There is nothing sweeter than listening to 20 kindergarten kiddos singing at the top of their lungs "this is the tale of the gingerbread man, the gingerbread man.......oh how that cookie can run........." Tyson was a bear. A bear that was trying to catch the run away gingerbread man. He was nervous at first but once the play got going he seemed to really enjoy himself.

I'm not sure if this picture was taken before or after he had the biggest yawn ever on stage

Noah, Jackson and Tyson as bears

Tyson on the mic

chasing the gingerbread man

I was so glad Paul was able to see the play

The Cast

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