Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Pan de Polvo, Reposteria, or aka Mexican Wedding Cookies

When I was growing up it wasn't Christmas until Mom made these wonderful, flaky, melt in your mouth cookies. Once I was old enough to help I assisted. And of course, once I had my own kitchen I began making them too. I have made them by myself for the last 6 years and I have even shared the experience with a couple of my girlfriends. This is some what of a family tradition, and I am proud to continue it. My parents are coming on Thursday and I had to have these ready for Dad.

I realize that the late Dr. Atkins is probably rolling over in his grave right now at the sight of these ingredients. Yes, that would be lard and 9 cups of white flour (sifted 4 times....I'm just sayin). But it's the holidays and I don't cook with these everyday. You could use shortening or butter but the taste would not be the same.

This picture makes me so proud.........this was my job as a little girl when I helped Mom. I used to love gently covering the hot cookies with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Tyson seemed to like helping too; however, after the 4th dozen he asked if he could go outside and look for worms. Clearly my Mexican family tradition couldn't hold water to grub hunting.

Hello little guys, Merry Christmas!!!!

This is not a difficult recipe it is just a little involved. It is definitely meant to be a shared activity......the more hands the better. You should get over 7 to 8 dozen from one batch. I will gladly forward the recipe if anyone is interested.


  1. Jill,
    I was wondering if you could share your recipe? I live in Texas so of course I recognize your lard and the HEB brand sugar! We have so many panaderias here that sell these cookies but I really want to make them with my daughter. I'd love to pass down my love of baking on to her.
    Any help is appreciated! If you can help, my email is flor.alma.rodriguez at gmail.com

    P.S. Your cookies looked amazing!


  2. hi jill ran into your blog and those cookies look amazing and i too along with flor am from texas so i recognize all those ingrediants i was wondering if you could also foward the recipe i would apprecite it thanks



  3. Hi, I would relay love if you can forward the recipe...TIA

  4. i remember my grandmother making these! i would love to make them with my daughter. please share your recipe... ceceliastefanie@gmail.com
    thank you!

  5. My Mom used to make these for Christmas every year unfortunately I lost my mom this year and I never got a chance to ask her for the recipe. I have looked every where for it and still have yet to find it. Can you please send me a copy to my e-mail address phmarie13@gmail.com. I would love to make these in memory of her. xoxo

  6. Hello! I grew up in Southern Texas in the Rio Grand Valley, I now live in Chicago and I remember eating these cookies all the time. Can you please email me your recipe iraidah@wowway.com
    Thank you!