Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Card Pics of the Past

Every November the big Christmas Card picture debacle begins. What do they wear? Where do I take the picture? Color or black and white??? As I begin to print out my labels for this years Christmas cards I thought I would take a walk down Christmas Card picture memory lane. Some made the cut.....some did not.

This one was in the running for this year.......till I found a better one

I liked this one too.......except for the fact that Tyson looked so TALL

this one was the runner up from last year

Christmas Card picture 2008

2007 (man oh man....Emmy was such a butterball)

2007 runner up

Merry Christmas 2006 (look how little Tyson is)

The ones before '06 were purchased at the portrait studio.

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  1. Can you believe how much they change from one year to the next!?! Reminds me just how precious these times are! Can't wait to see this year's picture.