Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kindergarten........Luxury Style

This is what you get when you sell at least 15 boxes of gourmet cookie dough. You get to ride in a limousine with a bunch of screaming five year old's all the way to the park. Then you get to eat gourmet pizza from Double Dave's in the freezing cold under the park pavilion. The kids were so excited. Em and I met the limos at the park so we could eat with Tyson. Once the three limos arrived.......they all came running out screaming! It was too cute!

Look at that face......

.........and that one too

everyone making a run for the pizza

oh yeah, Emmy had to sit with all of the big kids too

Tyson and Jackson.....again

Hey coming? It's 45 degrees out here!!!! Let's pick up the pace.

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