Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning Chaos

Once Paul and I became parents I sort of put my foot down in regards to where we would be spending Christmas. It was important to me that my kids have memories of waking up in their house and running into the living room to see what Santa had brought them. As a little girl I have great memories of running into my sister's room and us laying in her room trying to figure out what we could see from the hallway without actually going into the living room. Christmas morning was always at our own house then we would get dressed and go visit relatives. And to be quite honest the thought of hauling gifts somewhere and then hauling those plus more back doesn't interest me at all. Santa does not travel HWY 90 or I35. So, as long as everyone is healthy and able to come to our house.........Christmas will be here.

Tyson was up by 6:45, but says he peeked out of his room earlier and couldn't see anything so he waited till he saw lights. We had to open Em's door at 7:30 and she finally got up around 8.

he wishes he was taller than Daddy

This year Dad got in on the Christmas morning pajama action.........thus all of the plaid.

Em LOVED her new kitchen from Santa.......Paul didn't get the "pink" memo

Tyson picked out my Spurs hoodie.

Grandma got Emmy her own apron and chef's hat, complete with personalization....."Princess Emmy."

Loved that my parents could wake up Christmas morning with us, the kids love it too!!!

Mom and Dad even made breakfast for us while Paul and I were opening toy packages and inserting batteries (we have enough batteries in this house to power a mid size village).

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