Friday, December 4, 2009

Twilight Fans have NOTHING on PW Fans

Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond and Me

About a year ago I joined this addictive social networking site, some of you may know it..........Facebook. One of the first people to "friend" me was Valerie. Valerie and I went to Elementary, Junior High and High School together in Arlington. Like many people after high school we lost touch and visited a few minutes at the 10 year reunion. I was so happy to catch back up with her virtually. Through all of this magnificent technology I managed to get a pretty good peek into her life...her kiddos, her husband and her family life. We've been chatting for the last year and catching up. Through one of our first chats she mentioned she was making a breakfast casserole from Pioneer Woman. Pioneer Woman? Who is that?

Then it started. I began to read and follow her blog. I am a huge fan and love her recipes and love to read about her many adventures on the ranch. When I found out she would be signing her new cook book in Austin I immediately messaged Valerie and told her we needed to go. Valerie lives in Llano, which is about an hour or so away. So with some chatting back and forth we managed to plan a girls night out to Austin to meet Pioneer Woman or PW as she's known to her fans.

She was just as gracious as she could be. Her husband and kids were there too (Marlboro Man and The Punks as she refers to them on her blog). Women were actually screaming when they walked in. Her kids and her mom were handing out her book tour t-shirts. We were so excited to get one.

Valerie and I had so much fun. I'm pretty sure my throat was a little soar from the 6 hours plus we spent talking nonstop and catching up. They were actually closing up Z Tejas around us. It's not often we close up a restaurant.

Cheers to Good Blogs, Good Margaritas and Old Friends!

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