Friday, November 20, 2009

The pilgrims ate M&M's, right?!?!?

Tyson's teacher sent me an email last week asking if I could or would want to help with the Kindergarten Feast . Since I'm the room mom, I get first dibs on these sorts of things. Of course, I said yes. I had been up there on Tuesday to help the kids paint their shirts and I couldn't wait to go up today and see all of them in their Indian shirts and feathers.

I enjoyed this so much. This is why I am a stay home mommy. I absolutely LOVE being a part of these events. I have such fond memories of my mom being at school functions and I feel so lucky that I can give Tyson these same memories.

The kids lined up to go to their Thanksgiving feast......which consisted of a trail mix of various snack foods such as Cheerios, marshmallows, gold fish, pretzels, and oh yeah, M&M's.....can't forget those. I'm pretty sure this is what they ate on Plymoth Rock.

This is Mrs. Heinze, Tyson is crazy about her. Funny story about her. Her husband actually graduated from the same high school as me......I won't say what year because it will just make me feel old. She says to me, "Arlington huh, my husband went to school there....He went to Arlington High." Really, me too. "You may have known him, he graduated in 2003." Yeah, I'm sure I don't know him and I now feel totally old.......since I graduated in 1995!!!

Tyson and his buddy Jackson sitting on their "carpet spots" to discuss their Indian names

20 Little Indians

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