Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick-or-Treat Oh Nine

Halloween this year was so much fun. Tyson had been ready for trick or treating all week. We went to Mendi's house for some Halloween celebrating. The kids played, the adults visited and partook in some adult beverages. Then it was time for highly anticipated trick-or-treat. The kids had a blast. It was like they were on a mission. Mission: Get lots of CANDY and FAST!

My favorite Super Heroes of all time.

The Super Lucas' (note...Paul had already shedded the Batman costume, but was prepared with his Superman t-shirt underneath.

My girls! I had such a great time with them.

Tyson is a Pro at trick-or-treating.

Em did good with asking for candy but had trouble with the bag. The big boys took off pretty fast so Em and Max were on their own.

Going through the loot, every one's looking a little tired. It was after 9:00, that's late for these Super Heroes.

Captain America crashed out right after we got in the car; too much fighting evil and saving the world.

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