Monday, November 16, 2009

"Daddy, are you sure my new furniture is coming?"

Last night as Paul tucked Tyson into his nice, cozy pallet on the floor.......he was concerned that he may be sleeping on the floor every night and there really wasn't any furniture coming. My delivery window was "some time on Monday, 7 am-10 pm." So Paul had to take apart the bed on Sunday night in case the delivery guys were here first thing this morning.

They actually got here around 11:30 and were done by 12:30, and that gave me less than two hours to get it all ready for my baby. I wanted it to be all done by the time I picked him up from school. And it was. He was surprised and very excited. Just take a peak at the before and after pics. Big difference!!!!

Bed shot........BEFORE
notice all the clutter, twin size bed and general mess

Bed shot........AFTER
bigger bed, less mess and no clutter and we kept the sports theme
I love all of the storage under the bed, nice big drawers and cabinets.

Corner shot.........BEFORE
lots of clutter

Corner shot.....AFTER
new dresser and more organized......Bruiser (stuffed bull dog) made the cut

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