Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Buddy, it may be time to give some away."

Tyson has new furniture being delivered tomorrow. We bought him a bigger bed and an actual dresser and nightstand to match. But since the new furniture will be significantly larger than what he currently has, we had to have the dreaded conversation about too many stuffed animals. Right now he has two large bookcases dedicated to strictly housing LOTS of stuffed animals. Those bookcases probably will not fit once the new furniture is set up. Paul and I sat him down to discuss giving some away to other little boys and girls who may not have their own stuffies. He was surprisingly receptive to the idea. Together we managed to fill up two large trash bags to be given the the Medina Children's Home and one big bag for his library at school. He actually was enjoying picking out which ones other little boys may like.

And for the record Mom, I did not have nearly this many and you made me give them away to Goodwill too.

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  1. That's so funny! I just loaded up a big black trash bag of animals from build-a-bear and took them to good will. It was getting out of control. So proud of Tyson for having such a great attitude. He's a good kid!