Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful

........for my beautiful family, their health and their well being, for the health of my parents, I am thankful for the fact that Em and Tyson could spend a whole week with their grandparents, the fact that Paul was able to be off for a few days too, I am thankful that he embraces my family like they are his own (or puts up with all of us when we are together) and they too embrace him like he is one of the them
I am thankful that Mom and Em are buds

I am thankful that Em almost has the "pretty pose" thing down

I am thankful that Tyson and my parents have such a great relationship

I am thankful for my Mom who made me endless cups of hot lemon tea over the holiday so I could get my voice back (even though Paul and Dad begged her not to)

I am thankful for Jenn........who we can laugh with or at

but still loves us anyway

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who puts up with me and because he gave my daughter those beautiful blue eyes

I am thankful that my dad got a grandSON whom he can do "boy" things with like hunt for bugs all day long in the backyard

this is just a few things in no particular order.......the list could go on forever

I am thankful!

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