Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Date with Tyson

Back in July I bought tickets for "Walking with the Dinosaurs." I had seen a special about it on Good Morning America a few years ago and thought it would be something Tyson would enjoy.
My mom came in town to watch Emmy for us. I didn't think she would really sit through the performance nor did I want to pay for her ticket only to be holding her outside of the
AT& T Center because she was scared. Paul and I like to plan special events for just Tyson every so often. We let him choose where he wanted to go for lunch since it was his special date. He chose Chuy's.......that's my boy. After stuffing ourselves silly with chips, queso and enchiladas we took off for the show.

We had a spectacular time! The show was awesome and seemed so real. So real, that about every five minutes Tyson would lean over and ask "Mommy they're not real, right?"

You can't go to a show like this and not get sucked into buying a few souveniers.

We managed only to purchase cotton candy to snack on. One of his favorites.

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  1. Looks like fun! It's great to have those special dates!