Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maybe they could use a bat girl?

Trying to keep Emmy from heading to the field during Tyson's game is proving to be quite a challenge. "Can I go see Daddy" Can I go see Tyson? Can I go in the dug out? Can Emmy go play tee ball?" This is all I hear during the 50 minute game. As much as I try to persuade(bribe...whatever) her with candy, fruit snacks, snow cone to sit with Mommy, nothing works. I was looking in the diaper bag for yet another healthy snack to captivate her with when I look up and see Paul through the fence, "Where's Emmy?" he asks. She's right here......or maybe not. I look over and sure enough there goes a 26 pound flash of stripes heading onto the field.

Em's latest trick is that she can take off her shoe put them on and sometimes they even manage to land on the right feet.

I know I seem to harp on this but it's ridiculous. She was walking into Panera Bread for some lunch and BAM just like that, she goes down and comes up with a bloody knee. Now I should mention last week on on Tuesday while we were in Little Rock, I was inside the Verizon store getting a new phone Paul was keeping the kids entertained outside when Em comes in and says "Mommy, I got an owie. She lifts up her dress to show me her bloody skinned up knee. Paul quickly says, "I don't know......she was just walking and just like that she fell."

I have got to invest in some couture band-aids; polka dots or pink animal prints would be eye catching.

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