Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fire Safety Gone Awry

Wednesday was "Boot Out Drugs" Tyson wore boots to do his part for Red Ribbon Week. However, this day will be forever etched in his memory and not because of the boots.

It was an ordinary evening in the Lucas house. Tyson was taking a shower (because he does this by himself now, praise God) Em was sitting on the couch waiting her turn to take her bath and Paul and I were talking in the kitchen. When all of a sudden we hear this horrible, extremely high pitched beeping followed by screaming. Paul takes off for the kids bathroom where the sound was coming from. It was the smoke alarm in the hallway next to the kids bathroom, where Tyson is showering. Do you know where this is going? Before Paul can get there, here comes Tyson......soaking wet, shampoo in his hair and wearing nothing but the suds on his little body. HE is screaming NOOOOOOO!!! I should point out that he's been learning about fire prevention and safety in school. So he is quite versed in what the smoke alarm does and what it means if it goes off. We assume he was heading for the mailbox (never mind that he's naked) because that's our meeting place in our emergency exit plan. So I grabbed him and began trying to calm him down, get him back to the shower and explain that it just needs a new battery, while Paul scrambled with the smoke alarm to get the old battery out and replace it. At this point I was just so glad Tyson didn't fall getting out of the tub or running out into the living room......seeing as how he didn't have time to towel dry off before he made his big escape.

I should mention that while all of this commotion was going on Em never really got up from the couch. She made her way in to the bathroom after it was all over and asked me to carry her.

After a few more minutes of crying we managed to calm him down, and the excitement wore off so we could return to our normal relaxing evening. normal and relaxing as our evenings ever are.

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