Friday, October 23, 2009

1 Mystery Reader and 2 haircuts later....

Today was my turn to be the "Mystery Reader" at Tyson's school. I think this is such a cute concept. The parents give the teacher five clues to be read to the class each day, the clues should start off vague and get more specific as you get closer to Friday. It is designed so the student can begin to piece it together and hopefully by Friday guess that's it's their mom or dad that coming to read to the class. Tyson came home after Thursday and just knew it was me. "Mommy are you the Mystery Reader?" No Buddy, why would you ask? "Because.....this person likes to bake, used to work at a bank and LOVES Kenny Chesney." WOW, I should meet her, she sounds cool and we have lots in common. Needless to say, he wasn't surprised when I walked in his room and removed the mask that was covering my face. "It's Tyson's Mommy," the kids shouted. It was so cute. I can't wait to read again in December. Guess I will need some better clues.

After reading I got to take Tyson home a little early. I think that was his favorite part. I brought Jackson home too. His mom was watching Em for me. Aren't they cute in their school shirts? Nothing like school spirit in Kindergarten.

After school I took the kids for some much needed haircuts. Miss Susan begged me to let her put Em's hair in pig tails after her trim.

Is it too much to ask to remove the lolly pop stick for a picture with your sister? I suppose so.

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