Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I guess she looks a little shifty......

Sometimes I get this feeling that there are cameras following me and that some one is getting a good laugh at my expense. This morning I needed to run to the store to get a can of red beans for my soup. I thought I would just run into Walgreens and pay the highly inflated price just to spare me the trip of going into the grocery store with Em. Who by the way informed me this morning it was "her turn to wear boots today." So we hopped in the car, me with my purse and Em with her boots and 2 Pokemon pencils in hand. Quick side note: Tyson likes to carry around a pencil. It's like his all around, go to, super power sword, dagger, wand and other cool magic thing. There fore it's only natural that my daughter would want to carry a pencil with her too. Why not? OK, back to the story. So Em walked in with her two unsharpened pencils. I struck out on the can of beans so we were on our way out the door when I heard, "Excuse me, Ma'am! Ma'am!" I didn't look back since I hadn't bought anything I knew I hadn't left my keys on the counter or dropped my card or anything that would cause this cashier to call me back to the store with the stern voice. "Ma'am, did you pay for those?" Excuse me? Pay for what? I asked in my most sarcastic voice. "Those pencils. I didn't see her walk in with those." Maybe you weren't looking. She manages to repeat herself again (by this time people are gathering to watch the scene). "Did you pay for those?" No, actually I didn't. They were party favors she got at a birthday party, I say in my most sarcastic and highly irritated voice. "We have those in the store and I didn't see her come in with them." Really? You carry Pokemon pencils with worn out erasers? At this point she picks up the phone, I'm assuming to dial a manager or supervisor. C'mon Em, we're leaving. And just like that we walked out. I was DONE with that discussion.

I call mom to vent my frustration with this ridiculous situation and her first response is "you left? Is anyone following you? Have you looked in the rear view mirror?" MOM! We didn't hold up the Walgreens! They're not sending Horacio Cane in his hummer after us. Seriously?!?!? Are those cameras still rolling?

she was doing her "pretty pose"

work it

own it

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  1. Oh Jill, this is hilarious. It would have really ticked me off! You were willing to pay $10 for a can of beans, but lifted some old pencils. LOL!