Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Fitness Night

Tuesday night Tyson's school held their Family Fitness Night. The school invites the students and their families to come up to the gym and play and exercise together. I thought the whole event was pretty neat. Tyson was excited for us to meet his PE coach and he couldn't wait for us to see his gym and all of the "cool stuff" they get to do there.

the kids played basketball

move over Tim Duncan.......not really, he shoots like his Mommy

Em had to get involved too. Note the band-aid, that injury happened as we were walking in. She was running with Tyson and just wiped out and skinned her knee. It's always something with her. I literally have to keep band-aids and Neosporin in my purse at all times.
Tyson and Emily waiting for their turn at the climbing wall

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