Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Daddy this tooth kinda hurts"

Last night as Paul was tucking Tyson in for bed, Tyson told him "his tooth kinda hurt." Paul looked at it and gently touched it. "Buddy, you got a loose tooth!" "Can I go show Mommy?" Tyson came running in to show me. And yes indeed it was LOOSE! As he wiggled it for me, I felt a little uneasy about him going to bed with wasn't kinda loose it was extremely loose. I couldn't imagine the horror if it fell out during the night and he swallowed it. So Paul convinced Tyson to let him touch it with the tweezers and OUT it came. Tyson teared up just a little and was unsure of what just had happened. Then the adrenaline kicked in and he couldn't wait to call Grandma. Paul and I quickly explained to Tyson that it may be a little late to inform the tooth fairy about the tooth loss(neither Paul nor I had any cash and unless Buddy was gonna swipe our debit card under his pillow the Tooth Fairy would not be paying out tonight). He was ok with that, he wanted to keep looking at the tooth and wasn't ready to give it away just yet.

Last night's event was a little bitter sweet for Mommy. As excited as I was for Tyson I was a little misty eyed too. Just another milestone to remind me that my baby is growing up too FAST.

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