Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four VERY LONG hours

Saturday afternoon there were several thunderstorms that hit the San Antonio area. Unfortunately, it knocked out our power..........FOR 4 HOURS! Now to the average person(with out kids) four hours is not a big deal. However if you are lucky enough to have little people around the house this is a HUGE event. Emerson's biggest concern was the fact that "her TV not workin!" And Tyson's biggest issue was the lighting or lack thereof. Luckily I am a candle freak. So I happen to have at least 10 half burnt jar candles laying around the hutch drawers. My house smelled of a nice floral, fall harvest spice and last years Christmas scent all rolled into one aroma. The kids played outside till it was time to go out to eat, since obviously I wasn't going to cook anything and was trying to minimize the amount of time we opened the fridge. We got home and bathed the kids by candlelight. They both cried because it was too dark. Nice. By this time it was nearing 8:00 and Tyson was getting pretty nervous about the darkness. Despite the fact we were reading books with a flashlight and trying to make it "fun" like camping. "This is nothing like camping," according to Tyson. Then a little after 8, we noticed flashing lights outside and the CPS man was pulling up to our electric pole. Power was back on within minutes. Bedtime crisis with out power averted!!!!
Nothing else to do with out power, so why not photograph the kids.

Note the 2 million acorns on the patio in the background

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