Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend at the Watson Ranch

It had been about a year since we had been to Wendy's family's ranch house in Southeast Texas. Max and Emmy were only crawling this time last year. After a three hour car ride we arrived early Friday evening. The kids were so wound.......the big boys didn't go to sleep till almost midnight. It was a fantastic weekend! Despite the fact that Paul was really hoping to kill a rattlesnake. Personally, I didn't want to see any rattlesnakes, dead or alive. Seriously, the eight inch long centipede was enough for me.

Tyson couldn't wait to fish at the lake. It took every ounce of restraint we had to hold on to Emmy-- all she wanted to do was jump in. We explained she could not swim in this water, needless to say we did NOT bring her back down to the lake.

My son can really cast a line.......clearly he got that skill from me.

Emmy just wanted to drive. The kids always enjoy riding around the ranch on the golf cart.

Paul and Em were checking out the pool.

Oh yeah, and I even got to shoot my gun. Paul got this for me around December, and I had only been to the range once. So I was looking forward to practicing. Paul informed me that I did not look all that intimidating.......I was shocked! Maybe it was the hot pink hat.....or the pink bathing suit sticking out of the cover up, or maybe even the flip flops that took the intimidation factor down a notch or two. Regardless, I really enjoyed shooting.

There are always beautiful sunsets out there, we were trying to snap a pic before it went down. Tyson was SO tired. He had been in the sun all day and him and Ethan had been playing like wild boys since Friday.

My birthday breakfast. Mike made blueberry and chocolate chip waffles, sausage, and skillet potatoes........and he even made birthday cupcakes. We are lucky to have such great friends!!!

We past these guys on the way out today.........this after we saw a huge black wild boar running from the truck . I tried to get a picture, but he was pretty fast.

Can't wait to go the fall.

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