Sunday, June 14, 2009

Doesn't all "day labor" wear pink polka dots?

On account of the success of our container veggies, we've decide to give real gardening a whirl. Paul worked most of the morning clearing out a space for my second garden. I planted more cantaloupe, cucumbers and okra seeds. This should give us a late summer crop of fruit and veggies. I also transplanted my cantaloupe from their pot to the ground. They had taken over the patio and needed more space. I think they will like their new home.

And did I mention Emerson was pretty handy with the shovel?

No, I didn't; because she had some difficulty getting the dirt actually in the wheelbarrow.

But she looked pretty darn cute trying. Just look at that focus.

Tyson spent the time doing his own thing, collecting rocks and playing in piles of dirt. These are his pumpkins he planted on Mother's Day. They are getting big, but still no blooms.

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