Saturday, June 13, 2009

F is for French Fry........and Frozen Custard

When I decided to take the kids for a healthy post swim snack, I didn't tell them about the French Fries. I said we were going to get ice cream or frozen custard. Truth be told I had a taste for something salty. The lady brought the fries to to the table before the custard came and my children's eyes literally popped out of their little heads. "Mommy, you didn't tell us there would be french fries too!" I am now mother of the year. Just look at the level of concentration going on in this booth.

These two little munchkins managed to take out that entire basket of fries (sparing only a few for their loving mother) and finish their frozen treat. Guess swimming does work up an appetite.

I should also note that this would be Emmy's first meal out not sitting in a highchair. Good Bye highchair, you WILL BE MISSED!!! Hello standing in the booth, annoying the innocent people behind us, and a constant getting in and off the chair. Good times ahead!!!!!


  1. Wow, freebirds, then fries, then frozen custard? Did you feed them something healthy for dinner? Haha! Laughed about the high true, so true.

  2. We totally love Freddy's! Justin picked it on his birthday for lunch because "Freddy's starts with an 'F' like FIVE does!"
    It is a dangerous place for the Figure though!