Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Mommy, maybe you're dehydrated?"

Is this the face of a health expert? I think not-- however, this small person felt the need to give me some unsolicited advice today. This morning looked the same as the last two mornings: me running around trying to get both kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door in time for VBS. While doing all of this, I mentioned that I was very hot, I didn't feel good and Tyson needed to be a big boy and cooperate. "Mommy, maybe you're dehydrated? Have you drinked enough water today?" My first thought, what has Daddy been telling you (Paul's always on me to drink more water)? My next thought, it's only 8 am- does coffee count? Turns out, Paul is not telling him anything. Seriously?!? Where does he get this stuff? He must be turning on the TV at night when everyone is asleep and watching CNN or the Discovery Health channel.

I can't believe this my baby boy!!! Sometimes he looks so old to me. Before we left this morning, I just hugged him tightly and said, "tomorrow Mommy is dressing you in a onesie!" He just giggled and said he was too big to wear a onesie............precisely my point. Sigh.

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  1. Ahhh, I bet you could fit a onsie on him. You may not be able to snap it...or get it off...