Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyson just came in our room to tell me, "Mommy get off the computer so I can send Santa Clause an email?" There are a couple of things wrong with this picture.

A: the delivery was a little abrupt, demanding that I "get off the computer"

B: It's June! Isn't Santa on vacation and not responding to emails

and C: you're 5, what do you know about email? Tyson then informed me I could text him if I knew his number. Really.... text??? How old are you?

So my response....."go ask Daddy."

and to my surprise.....Daddy typed as Tyson recited his letter. He CCed me of course.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me so much fun presents. I enjoyed them.
Thank you for watching over me, and giving me that Optimus Prime.
Thank you for giving me all stuff you gave me.
When it gets closer to winter I'll send you a letter.
I hope you're not too cold up there in the North Pole.
Tell Rudolph and all your reindeer's to trust me, because I'll put out
reindeer food for you on that night.
So, tell all your reindeer's to come eat it up.

If I get up during the night, don't run away, because it's just me, because
I'm not scary and I'm not spooky.
So don't run away, because we want lots of presents.

Dear Santa.

What I want for Christmas, I think you might not see this, but it's at Toys
R Us.
They have a Bat Man castle, with a Joker on the car, and a Bat Man on a

If you see a possum out there, scare it away. Because those are kinda
Bring all your presents with us.
I wonder, how do you get in the house without a key, or a chimney.


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