Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pool Hopping

Week 3 of summer vacation is almost over. The kids and I have spent the ENTIRE week at a pool.....someone's pool. Tyson is finally getting pretty comfortable with the water, thanks to the swim mask. Emmy has still attached herself to the edge of the pool, as long as she has her bucket and squirt toys, she is quite content.

The kids swimming with Keller and Kyle.....note Emmy has her bucket. The big boys are in the assumed "surfer" pose.

Emmy is hanging with boys. Quick side note, these are Jill's boys. Jill and I went to high school together in Arlington and ran into each other one day at Pei Wei a few years ago. Turned out we both had boys that were 2 years old and lived here in San Antonio. Now we each have an other kiddo. Small world?!?!?!? We always enjoy getting together with them.

Here the kids are swimming at Mary's house (Mary is Tyson's very best friend....refer to lots of earlier posts to read more about Mary). See those lovely hot pink floaties Em is wearing....let me be the first to say, "They don't work!!!!" I turned my back to Em for a millisecond, "Splash!" I turned around and Em and her hot pink floaties were under water. What happened to the floatie? I snatched her up......long story short, she was fine just a little scared, cried for about 45 seconds. I probably lost a few years of my life.

Today we swam with the Moilanen Crew. It totally rained for the first 30 minutes we were there. Did I mention it rained????? It hasn't rained in months. Anyway, the kids didn't seem to mind at all. They had a blast! As always, Wendy and I covered the kids in SPF 50.......why is every body still so TAN???????

There's the red bucket again.

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