Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gardening: No Shirt Required

Tyson decided he wanted to plant his own pumpkin patch. So, like with any other 5 year old demand., we gave in. We went out and bought pumpkin seeds. Let's clarify.....I've been trying my hand at gardening and growing vegetables, so I guess Tyson was just trying to join in on the fun. Paul and him cleared out an area, filled it with soil and, and lined it with a nice rock border.
Then Paul proceeded to explain to him how planting seeds works and that it would take some time.

After they planted the seeds, Tyson got to use the watering can. (I don't really have an explanation as to why they both are not wearing shirts, all I can say is "Like Father, Like Son)

This is a picture of the seeds 1 weeks after planting (all of this fun began on Mother's Day, a week ago). Pretty impressive!!! Who knew? You plant seeds, you water them and they grow.
Tyson has taken quite a bid of pride in his new venture. Every morning, he goes out to check on progress. He waters them each day and checks on them again through out the day. He even takes pictures of the plants with his own digital camera (what..... doesn't every 5 year old have their own digital 8 megapixel camera)?!?!?! All I can say, is that I hope we really get pumpkins. He would just be heartbroken if we didn't.

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  1. Wow! Go Tyson with his green thumb! I hope he gets some pumpkins too.