Friday, May 29, 2009

"The apple doesn't fall far....."

We made it to Mom's on Thursday after a successful three hour drive with only one stop. By successful I mean we made it there safely and I didn't have to throw any one out the window onto HWY 90. The kids even managed to sleep in the car for a little over an hour at the SAME time. Any one who has traveled with small children knows and appreciates the value of simultaneous car napping.

Today was a beautiful sunny and HOT day. The kids couldn't wait to get the little pool out. We have a similar pool and slip and slide at our house, but things are always better at Grandma's.

My handsome but not so brave. This is the wettest he got. He claims to love playing in the water but somewhere between age 3 and now he has become a little apprehensive with water. We will have to work on that this summer. Although, this coming from some one who would only jump in the water while holding her nose until I was about 17 and didn't really want my face to get wet. Oh well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.....or something like that?

Now this one......whole other story. Two words can sum up Emmy's feeling towards pool play and water: NO FEAR!!!!!! Within minutes of being out there she had already gone in head first and cruised through the slip and slide like it was her job. I will have my hands full with her in the big pool in our neighborhood.

The kids did enjoy a Popsicle......or two. Again, only at Grandma's would I let them each consume two Popsicles in less than 20 minutes. That's the problem with coming to Mom's.......rules? what rules? We had only been here a few hours, when Tyson asked "can we stay all week?" Even Em's catching on.

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