Friday, May 22, 2009

Holy Cow.......I have squash!!!!

It's been a long journey. There has a been a few casualties along the way, cucumbers that didn't make it, squash flowers that bloomed and then died, and some minor insect issues. But my plants have rallied and I now have my first squash.
Now let me clarify, this is my first attempt to grow veggies. I've always had pretty good luck with herbs, and lots of success with flowers. But this veggie thing is uncharted territory. My plan was to do a test run with containers, if these guys do well and I don't kill them, then next spring Paul and I will be building garden boxes out in the yard so I can grow LOTS of vegetables. But he doesn't know that yet, shhhhhh! I will break the news over some tasty cantaloupe.

more little babies.......come on squash! You can do it!!!! Grow, Grow, Grow!!!!

Attack of the Killer Cherry Tomato Plants nestled in with my Rosemary, they're doing great. Tyson picks four or five little guys each evening. Cherry tomatoes, anyone?

I know what you're thinking.......this doesn't look like much. But those little yellow flowers hopefully will turn into cantaloupes. That's right.....if all goes well (meaning little critters don't eat my fruit) then I will have cantaloupe!!!

A few of my herbs, chives and thyme...they have been my low maintenance veggies, basil is hanging in's suffering a little from the heat


  1. I love the veggies Jill! I have an herb garden and just planted a pepper plant. I love the pots idea, might need to give that a try.

  2. Impressive and inspiring! Did you find something to control the insects?