Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Well the latest challenge this great country is facing is the Swine Flu. It seems to have started in Mexico and has made it's way to many states in the U.S. Now, I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of facts and statistics (mostly becuase because I can't quote them accuartely). Bottom line is: it's bad. Seems to be pretty contagious and we don't have a vaccine for it. However, it is affecting my life. They have closed a couple of school districts near the city we live in because of a few confirmed cases and some suspected cases. Now Tyson goes to a private pre school that doesn't really fall into a school district. Earlier this evening I get a phone call from the director asking me to"head the warnings" and not send him to school tomorrow. Let me clarify, we live out of city limits. We also happen to live in the school district that is closed until May 11th. So I can see her concern.......if Tyson had siblings that attended these schools. They have closed these schools to give the districts time to properly disinfect and clean the buildings. I'm not really sure how that affects Tyson. What benefit will he get by them cleaning a school that he does not attend nor have any siblings that attend. So basically he can't go back to his school until May 11th. WHAT??????? This makes absolutley no sense to me. Maybe I'm just bitter because I had plans to run errands tomorrow, and it is easier less one child. I have two sets of grandparents coming in town this weekend for Tyson's birthday party. I have groceries to buy and a house to clean.

Which brings me to my blog. I needed something to get my mind off just how frustrated I was with his school. So I decided to start a blog. Sure hope we can get a handle on this Swine Flu!!!!!

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