Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just when I thought it was safe..........

This is the "ski clothes" bin.  Notice how it's all nicely packed and well organized. Looks ready to take on our ski trip next week.  

Well the Oklahoma weather had other plans and it didn't really care that I was already beginning my vacation packing. It started snowing around 9 this morning and didn't really let up till about 4:00.  Being the "cool mom" that I am, I checked the kids out early around noon so they could come home and enjoy it.  Actually I was already up at the school subbing just till 12.  I made the executive decision to take them home with me so they could play.  Tyson told me "I was the best mom ever," until I told him he had to come in from the snow and read for 45 minutes.

 Tyson has a new friend named Cash that recently moved into the neighborhood.  He came over to play in the snow too.  Tyson was looking for someone to have a snowball fight with.

 These two managed to push the snow into big boulder like balls to play on.

Yay for February snow and yay for a snow day, well..........according to mom. 

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