Monday, February 4, 2013

Belmont Farms Christmas Party

Maybe I should make that the "First" Belmont Farms Christmas Party.  Somehow I got roped into organizing a neighborhood Christmas party for about........150 plus families.  It was quite the task but it turned to be quite the party.  I had some wonderful ladies that helped me pull it all together.

 Yay for Christmas pictures by our Christmas tree!

 I have no idea where this look came from.  Personally I blame Aunt Jenna.

All ready to go!

We rented a room at our local park/ community center for the party.  Our neighborhood does not have a clubhouse yet and we needed a pretty big room. We also planned a visit from Mrs. and Mr. Clause.  In return the kids brought unwrapped toys and kids in need and Mr. and Mrs. C would make sure they got the children in time.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Santa and his other half would be arriving on a fire truck.  The kids couldn't wait to go outside and wait for their arrival.

 Some of our neighborhood friends!

 We had a couple of tables for the kids to do do crafts on.

These two super chicks helped put this fabulous party together.

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