Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 14th

This time last year on Valentine's Day we were in a truck heading to Red River, New Mexico.  This year we are home and heading on our ski vacation next week.

But first both kiddos had their class parties on the exact same day and time.  So naturally I spent my time running between both classes with my camera.

 I am one of the room moms for Em's class.  We set up at table for the kids to assemble a Valentine's snack mix.  I had Em go first so I could help her make her mix then I bolted to Tyson's classroom.

 This is who I found

 Tyson and his buddy Owen

 back in to Em's room, just in time to eat our treats

Tyson and Colin

This is Tyson's teacher.  She is absolutely fabulous!
 Em and Caden

 This is Seth........according to Em, he's "crushing on her." 

 How cute are these four little angels?!?  Lord help all of us moms in a few years.

This is Mrs. Perkins.  She is fantastic!  It's pretty nice when you have a kindergarten teacher that calls me or shoots me a text when Em is having an emotional day or forgot something at home.  We are lucky to have her.

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