Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hi ho, hi ho off to Red River We Go.......

but first we must pack a few things.

Ski clothes..... check, snow boots.......check, extra blankets......check, one suit case of clothes per person......check, groceries......check, cooler full of more groceries.....check, things to do in the car......check, camera......check, and WINE........CHECK CHECK!!

And of course, snacks for the road.  I did not want the kids eating candy the whole way.  Instead I filled their caddies with dried fruit, snacks, yogurt pretzels, nuts and one bag of mini muffins for breakfast.  It worked out well.

Paul and I got up at 4 that morning to get the car ready and try to head out by 5am before the snow got heavy.  We actually managed to be on the road by 5.  We drove through some of the biggest snowflakes ever getting out of Edmond.  Unfortunately the nine and a half hour drive was a bit hairy.  We got caught in snow, ice, rain, sleet, dense fog and hail.  Definitely one of those "white knuckle" drives.

These pictures were taken from the car as we began our last 30 minutes up the mountain.  We also had a few deer run out in front of us  while driving up hill on a windy road covered in ice.  Let's just say those deer were lucky.

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