Monday, August 15, 2011

Emmy's 4th Birthday, part 1

It seems like I just wrote this post about my pumpkin turning 3. Now here I am writing about her turning 4. Where does the time go?!? Our morning began with a 7:30 phone call from Grandma singing Happy Birthday. Then we waited for Tyson to wake up so Em could open her presents. Her party isn't till Saturday so we had to make today special.

This gift seems a little random but about a month ago her and I were at Super Target and we walked through the bedding aisle and she saw this plush Dora doll and she had the biggest melt down for this thing. The next few trips I avoided that aisle like the plague but she continued to ask for "giant Dora."

I wish I could I could look this beautiful first thing in the morning.

Next up on the agenda.....Chuck E Cheese!!!! Emmy has been asking to to CEC since we left San Antonio. There isn't one in Edmond so Em hasn't been in a LONG time. I talked Paul into taking the day off today so we could surprise our birthday girl with a trip to see the big mouse. To say she was excited would be an understatement.
Em had a BLAST! She loved playing the games and really got into the ticket winning process.

We even surprised her with a little birthday cookie.

Today was fantastic and a bit sad at the same time. My baby is so big and I just want to stop time. I reminded Paul of Tyson's 4th birthday which we had his party at Chuck E Cheese and Em was so little that my mom had to hold her the entire time or push her in the stroller because she was too little to play . And look at her now on her 4th birthday!!!

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