Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bless her heart......

This beautiful little face was so excited to put on her new clothes, new shoes, put on her new backpack and pose for pictures. However, when it came time to leave for school things changed quite a bit. As we loaded up the car she cried and said she DID NOT want to go to her new school. She said she was "scared and felt nervous." Unfortunately walking through the crazy crowded hallways filled with parents and children did not help her fears. It was definitely overwhelming. We walked Tyson to his class first the we began the long walk to Mrs. Hail's pre-k classroom. Once we got the her class and walked in she seemed a bit calmer. Paul and I stayed a while to help get her settled in. When it was time to leave I sat down next to her and gave her a hug and kiss. I told her I'd be back very soon. She looked up at me with big crocodile tears behind her purple framed glasses, stuck out her bottom lip and said, "No Mommy, don't leave!" I walked out of the classroom and left a little piece of my heart on that color block rug.

Unfortunately the pick up process was a little scary for Em too. The whole car line pick-up was just lot for her to understand. Once we got home she said she like school but didn't really want to go back.
Looking forward to Tuesday!

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