Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does everything in Oklahoma have to be so eXtreme?!?

When we decided to leave South Texas and move to Oklahoma I mentally prepared myself for some cooler temperatures and tornadoes in the spring. NO ONE mentioned the other weather issues I should be concerned about.

Let's start with winter. It's not just "cooler," it's bone chilling cold with blizzards and five feet snow drifts. And then we hit spring. One word, WINDY. Absolutely WINDY.....for a good 2 months straight I have to hold on to Em because I'm constantly afraid she's going to blow away. Of course we have tornadoes; we had a shelter put in our garage and we're not afraid to get in. So summer hits, and OH.... MY.... WORD! We were breaking all sorts of records for temperatures over 100 degrees in June, 30 days, 40 days...who knows? I lost count of how many days it has actually been over 100. We're talking getting into my car and the temp reading 117! It was actually cooler in Del Rio, Texas than it was here. And Del Rio is most often the hottest place on the map. Next up is drought. Now, I'm no stranger to drought, coming from San Antonio I can hang with a little drought. But this "heat dome" is ridiculous! And most recently making the weather top ten are STORMS. We can't just get a little rain here, we get rain combined with 96 MPH. Rain and wind that are so powerful trees are being split in two, fences down and trampolines (mainly ours) are getting relocated to other peoples fences.

Don't get me wrong, I think I still like it here. But enough with the extreme weather already!

These trees are near the entrance and pond in our neighborhood.

What else you got in store for these new "Okies" Mother Nature?

Of course, what's a trip to the pond without scaring the geese?!?

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