Monday, August 23, 2010

"presents stacked to the ceiling and confetti falling from the sky"

this is what my darling daughter told me she expected to see at her party, God love her! Um, how 'bout 10 kids and a pinata?
Em turned 3 on August 15th, but her party was planned for the 22nd and since Em insists that party means birthday it just wasn't worth the discussion. So for all practical purposes yesterday was her birthday. We planned a small party at the house with just a few kids. The theme was ice cream sundaes, "make sundaes on Sunday with Emerson." It was supposed to be a simple and small party, but............well, I'm not good at small. I really enjoying hosting events, so it was a bit larger than my husband expected. But the important thing was that my Emmy had a "great party!"
Em is rockin" her petiskirt with her Twinkle Toes shoes, outfit by Em.

My Buddy was such a big help with the party, he too enjoys hosting events (after he hides all his "good" toys).

I made ice cream cone cupcakes. They were pretty simple and super cute. But not easily transported. Just ask me how many ended up upside down on the floor.

They did ice cream arts and crafts, mostly the girls did this.

They all took turns whacking the ice cream cone pinata.

Then they played "pin the cherry" on the ice cream cone.

Sundae time!!!! They had an array of sugar I mean toppings to choose from. We had gummi bears, mini m&m's, sprinkles, cherries and of course chocolate and strawberry sauce.

Check out Tyson in the corner, he is so focused.

Gift opening was the usual chaos it always is. I really wanted to wait and open after the guests left, but Emmy was not on board with that plan.

Big thank you hugs and kisses for Grandma!

Love you Emmy Grace! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!! You are and always will be mommy's baby!

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  1. I love the final picture with the hands on the hips. So girly!