Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Special

As soon as school ended in May, Cathy (our neighbor across the street) asked my if she could teach Tyson to sew. She was thinking she could do weekly lessons with him in the afternoons. I mentioned it to Tyson and he was thrilled. He enjoys playing outside, running, looking for bugs and "exploring." But since he was little Tyson has always enjoyed sitting down with me or my mom and doing a "hands on" craft. I had no doubt he would enjoy sewing.

Well Cathy definitely went above and beyond when it came to the lessons. She ordered a couple of books on sewing for kids, she put together his own sewing box filled with supplies including his very own tomato pin cushion. But before he could sew Dave(Cathy's husband) had to get the machine outfitted for Tyson, which meant attaching a wooden block to the pedal so he could reach it while sitting at the table. He spent the first two lessons learning the parts of the machine and practicing sewing on paper. By the time his third lesson was finished he was working on a pillow case. She even sent him home with homework to do like word searches and crossword puzzles involving sewing terms.

When summer came to an end Tyson had sewn one Dr. Seuss pillow case, one pair of pajama pants, one super cute cat complete with button eyes(which he sewed himself), a throw pillow with a silly face and even one Strawberry Shortcake pillowcase for Emmy's birthday. Cathy was impressed with what a good student Tyson was. She made his summer special and he can't wait to sew some more with her. We are so lucky to have such caring neighbors.

Em is already asking for some one-on-one craft time with Cathy.

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  1. That is so awesome! You did a really good job picking that neighborhood!