Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of School 2012

The day has finally come........the last day of school has arrived. 

and as you can see, they're really torn up by it.......

My kids decided to grow a little this school year.  Nothing Tyson wore at the beginning in August fit him this Spring.  And Em also sprouted some serious legs.

Looking forward to the summer with my big third grader and my kindergartner.

Another Pre-K Graduation.......

Emerson has successfully completed her first year at a "big kid" elementary school.  She attended Cross Timbers Elementary as a Pre-K student everyday for 3 hours.

When the school year started she could barely write her name in all capital letters and could count only to 20.....not to mention she could not fix herself a snack.  NOW my Emmy can write her first and last name with proper capitalization  and can count all the way to 100 and read short books. She has also become quite independent.  She pours her own water and can prepare her own snack and likes to do things for herself.

Yep, that's right!  My little punkin is ready for kindergarten!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My tiny dancer performs

We woke up Sunday morning pretty excited for Em's first dance recital.  She wasn't even nervous.  We had rehearsal the day before and she actually seemed more nervous about that.  But once she knew what to expect, she was pumped.  She was even more excited to get her hair "done" at the salon and of course, more make-up.

 It took LOTS of bobby pins, LOTS of hairspray and TWO stylists to get all of that fine blond hair up into a bun.

 All done and ready to head to the university and get changed!

Emerson did so well.  My biggest fear was that she would get nervous and freeze or run off the stage.  Instead she smiled and did her routine beautifully.  I couldn't be more proud.  And Paul and Tyson survived their first (probably not their last) 2 hour dance showcase.  I am thankful for all of the flowers and gifts Em received from family and neighbors, and those that came to see her perform.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"three times!!!"

That is the amount of times Emmy gets to wear make-up this week.  And let me tell you, it has been the highlight and  the talk of  the week.  Em has her first dance recital on Sunday.  Rehearsal was this morning and group photos were earlier in the week too.  It's been a busy week. Here are a few shots to capture the fun........

 This was taken before group pictures.  They could wear their hair anyway they wanted for pictures.

 Waiting for their class to be called........

 Beginning the make-up application for rehearsal.  Em insisted that I "put lots!"

 using the "wand" to get maximized curl volume

 Savannah and Em excited but not sure really what a "rehearsal is."

her first time on stage

Emmy has fans!  Mom sent Em an adorable ballet kitty attached to a giant heart balloon wishing her good luck tomorrow.

And Aunt Jenna sent her a beautiful dozen of roses.  They were so pretty that I put them on my dining room table and Em informed me that since "they were hers, she wanted them in her room." So their new home is on the bookshelf right between the bin of Barbies and the blond cabbage patch doll.

Wising my parents and my sister  could be here to see her!  Thank goodness for the internet!
Well that wraps us this past week.  Just have one actual recital to get through, one wedding and one pre-k graduation before the last day of school.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Sometimes it REALLY is the little things.......

 I absolutely LOVE the cards my little angels made for me.  I LOVE that Tyson thinks I "rock!" And I LOVE that my Emmy can write her name and "mommy" so legibly.

Paul didn't make me a card but be he did get me the two prettiest charms.......

Aren't they beautiful?

Truly a wonderful Mother's Day.  I am blessed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday celebration continued.....

Tyson did not have a birthday party this year, instead we took him and three of his buddies to a RedHawks game.  Words cannot describe how much fun it was. We started with cake and a little celebrating at the house then we headed downtown for America's favorite pastime.

Just take a look.......................

 Ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery......and it did NOT disappoint!

 Obviously, we live in Oklahoma!!!

 heading in......

Crazy boys!
 The whole crew!

 It was cap night!  Every one got their choice of red or the white one.  Em wanted the same one the boys picked.

 First we ate in the picnic area

 I was really just hoping no one ended up in the outfield!

Happy 8th Birthday Tyson!!!  

As Emerson said earlier today, "Now can we be all done celebrating Tyson's birthday?  It's been like two weeks."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Peas........

Anyone that knows my husband knows that physical activity is an important part of his life.  And NOTHING gives him more pleasure than to engage in exercise and physical activity with his family, especially his kiddos.  Paul loves to ride his bicycle and he is looking forward to long family rides.  Sunday Tyson and Paul went out on a two mile bike ride.  I had to snap some pictures!

I think this is just the beginning.........