Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday celebration continued.....

Tyson did not have a birthday party this year, instead we took him and three of his buddies to a RedHawks game.  Words cannot describe how much fun it was. We started with cake and a little celebrating at the house then we headed downtown for America's favorite pastime.

Just take a look.......................

 Ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery......and it did NOT disappoint!

 Obviously, we live in Oklahoma!!!

 heading in......

Crazy boys!
 The whole crew!

 It was cap night!  Every one got their choice of red or the white one.  Em wanted the same one the boys picked.

 First we ate in the picnic area

 I was really just hoping no one ended up in the outfield!

Happy 8th Birthday Tyson!!!  

As Emerson said earlier today, "Now can we be all done celebrating Tyson's birthday?  It's been like two weeks."

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