Saturday, May 19, 2012

"three times!!!"

That is the amount of times Emmy gets to wear make-up this week.  And let me tell you, it has been the highlight and  the talk of  the week.  Em has her first dance recital on Sunday.  Rehearsal was this morning and group photos were earlier in the week too.  It's been a busy week. Here are a few shots to capture the fun........

 This was taken before group pictures.  They could wear their hair anyway they wanted for pictures.

 Waiting for their class to be called........

 Beginning the make-up application for rehearsal.  Em insisted that I "put lots!"

 using the "wand" to get maximized curl volume

 Savannah and Em excited but not sure really what a "rehearsal is."

her first time on stage

Emmy has fans!  Mom sent Em an adorable ballet kitty attached to a giant heart balloon wishing her good luck tomorrow.

And Aunt Jenna sent her a beautiful dozen of roses.  They were so pretty that I put them on my dining room table and Em informed me that since "they were hers, she wanted them in her room." So their new home is on the bookshelf right between the bin of Barbies and the blond cabbage patch doll.

Wising my parents and my sister  could be here to see her!  Thank goodness for the internet!
Well that wraps us this past week.  Just have one actual recital to get through, one wedding and one pre-k graduation before the last day of school.

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  1. Love all of the pics. Her big blue eyes just POP and she looked so beautiful!!!! How fun!!!