Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Very Special Mile

I had another one of those "proud Mommy" moments today.  Tyson ran his first mile run today.  It was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and he ran the kid's race.  Over the last two months we have been tracking Tyson's running.  Each child was supposed to log a total of 25 miles on their own and run the last mile on race day and then receive their medal.  At first Tyson was all ready for the run but as it grew closer he got nervous and was afraid he wouldn't be able to run the whole thing.  Paul and I knew  hecould.  This morning we were a team and I assured him he could do it. 

He looks so old.  He wanted to wear a short sleeved CT tee and his was long sleeve, so he wore mine.

It was an early morning!  We were downtown by 7 am.

Group shot of some of the Cross Timber kiddos, about another 30 showed up after we took this picture.

Yay Buddy!  His first running medal.  He was so proud of himself and already wants to do another run.  I totally enjoyed running with my Buddy, next up a 5K together.

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