Friday, April 13, 2012

The good with the bad

It's quite ironic that as I write this post about Spring and my beautiful Spring blooms we are under all sorts of thunderstorm, tornado and severe weather warnings.  Actually we are under severe weather threats for the entire weekend.  I believe one national article referred to the storms as "life threatening."
It's 12 am and I'm the only one awake watching TV and listening to the warnings.  I'm letting Paul sleep but if the sirens go off then I'm waking everybody up and we're heading to the shelter.  By the way tomorrow I get to sleep and he stays on weather duty.  I spent most of the day getting our shelter "ready."  Which means I made sure all of our battery operated lights had fresh batteries, I put batteries in our fan (it gets really HOT down there, especially if we had to spend more than 15 minutes in it).  Stocked it with some bottled water and snacks as well as out important documents......just in case.

I took these pictures yesterday and the weather was beautiful.  Things change pretty quickly around here in Oklahoma.

I love my roses and love my spring color.  Hopefully they make it through the weekend weather!

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  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I thought about you guys all weekend. That shelter was probably one of the best investments ever made. Hopefully you will never truly need it, but the Peace of mind is worth the money spent.