Friday, April 13, 2012

Hunting for Eggs

This was our second year to participate in the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids had a great time as expected.  They seemed to struggle with the "12 egg limit" set by the HOA to make sure everyone got eggs in their basket. 

This picture is funny for a few reasons.  Since I helped with the set-up of the Easter Egg Hunt my kids got there early that they were in the parking lot when the Easter Bunny pulled up in his white  Honda Civic.  Tyson leaned over to Paul and whispered, "I think the Easter Bunny is Lance (our neighbor)."  Paul asked, "why do you think that Buddy?"  Tyson quickly responds with well.....that's what Lance drives and he has on flip flops....Lance always wears flip flops."  So wise.

This is the look of an almost 8 year old who just found an egg with $5 in it!

 Suddenly my Emmy seems so tall. 

Love my little Easter blessings!!!

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  1. Smart Kid! Way to be observant Tyson. Maybe next year Lance can put some bunny ears on the top of his car, LOL!!!