Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Has it really been that long???

So I realize my last blog post was February 20th, right after our ski trip.  It's not like the Lucas Family fell off the Earth for the last month and a half.   Quite the opposite really.  It seems as if everybody got really busy.  There has been  5 inch haircuts, rainy days, theme days at school, St. Patrick's day, a trip to Texas.......oh and Spring has sprung around here too.  In the interest of time I have decided to just post a hodge podge of pictures to get caught up.

 Em had her hair cut and we cut off 5 inches.  She wanted it shorter but because I NEVER had long hair as a child I just couldn't cut that much off.  That is your fault Mom.  Maybe after her dance recital in May I will let her cut off a few more inches.  For now this length makes us happy.

 PJ day!  They love to wear jammies to school.

Crazy Day!!! Obviously.  Em's favorite theme day so far!  Even my conservative Tyson got into it.

Picnic/Hat day!  Parents were invited to come eat outside with the kiddos.

Rainy Day......doesn't stop these kids!
There are worms to be found and they WILL find them.  See the bucket.

Can't have a holiday go by without me baking.  I made these adorable and delicious mint triple chocolate cookies for our St. Patty's day cookout with our neighbors.

Driving to Dallas

 This picture is special.  While in Dallas I got together with my childhood best friend for dinner and MARGARITAS.  I hadn't seen her in about 12 years.  It was the best 4 hours I've ever spent on a patio of a Mexican restaurant.....however, this picture appeared much more in focus that night.  Four hours of margaritas will do that to you.

Enjoying the beautiful weather and heading down to the park.

Oh and by the way my Tyson looks like he's 12!

Em getting her princess tent ready for the first royal sleep.

Well there you have it. That is about 45 days worth of Lucas Family updates, the Reader's Digest version.

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