Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas parties all around

Lucky for me the kids class parties seem to fall on opposite days.  Which is good since I seem to keep volunteering to bring treats to both parties.  This way I can attend each one.  Friday was Tyson's and Em's was today.  Tyson's party consisted of a book exchange game, a craft and a plate FULL of sweets.  Em's began with songs performed by the class then finished up with a another plate FULL of goodies.

 It's tough when you're the sibling, fortunately we brought extra snacks to keep these two cute blonds busy.

 Tyson LOVES Ms. Moore!


 Tyson and his buddies Rhett and Cooper

 Ready to sing......

 Check out the big guy next to her.  I couldn't help it, I had to.

 the girls enjoying their yummy treats

 So glad Paul came home early so he could make her party and see her perform.

These kiddos are ready to start their Christmas break!  Last day is tomorrow.

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